Glad Midsommar!

Midsummer is my favorite Swedish Holiday! I mean what’s not to love- there’s flower crowns, endless strawberries, dancing and singing around a flowered pole, good food, and family. So what if it almost always is chilly and often rainy it’s still the lightest time of the year so at least it’s never dark! This year was extra rainy, windy, and chilly but that didn’t stop us from celebrating the twins very first midsummer in Sweden! DSC_0799DSC_0812DSC_0996DSC_0992

Rain could not stop me from making flowered crowns for me and the twins…DSC_0851DSC_0868DSC_0937DSC_0935

A little cracker bribery never hurts to get toddlers to pose for pics with crowns on their heads that they were not enthusiastic about wearing.DSC_0920DSC_0918DSC_0916DSC_0931DSC_0934

When food alone does not keep them still, resort to showing them videos of themselves…DSC_0923DSC_0939DSC_0944DSC_0948DSC_0952

Midsummer Eve smårgasbord lunch!DSC_0963DSC_0968DSC_0954

When it’s so windy and rainy that the local midsummer pole dancing and singing is cancelled- make your own pole!DSC_0977DSC_0988DSC_0989DSC_0991

Then the sun peaked through!DSC_1000DSC_1015DSC_1026DSC_0002DSC_0014

Max’s favorite was the “rocket clapping song” that he did over and over again on his own after the dancing was done. DSC_0061DSC_0064DSC_0069DSC_0087DSC_0085DSC_0056DSC_0103

Midsummer day was also a birthday celebration so of course a strawberry topped cake was in order!DSC_0154DSC_0153

Hoppas ni alla hade en riktigt trevlig midsommar mer!

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