Grattis Yvonne 70 år!

When Yvonne turned 70 she knew she wanted a party at her home with her whole family including 10 small children. The only problem is she turned 70 in January and decided with that many small children it’s probably easier to wait until the spring so everyone can be outside. It proved to be the right decision since it was perfect weather. Happy belated birthday, Yvonne!DSC_0797DSC_0793DSC_0806DSC_0814DSC_0802DSC_0816DSC_0857DSC_0853DSC_0860DSC_0813DSC_0830DSC_0862DSC_0865DSC_0876DSC_0820DSC_0878DSC_0946DSC_0959DSC_0970DSC_0976DSC_0980DSC_0982

It proved to be quite a challenge to take a photo of all the cousins and their kids. Photographing 8 kids under 5  years old is not easy- add their parents into the mix and it’s near impossible…DSC_0904DSC_0897

Then the guest of honor joined in with all her kids, nieces, nephews and their children.DSC_0921DSC_0931DSC_0932DSC_0933DSC_0993

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