Familiar faces, same location, new baby bump..

It’s so fun to meet prior clients again at new stages in their life.

Last week I had the honor of seeing Georgios and Sara again (I photographed their wedding four years ago). This time it was a baby bump shoot. And again it was a full family affair; with future baby’s grandma, aunt, and cousin joining in also. This little boy is already so loved, I can’t wait to meet him again after he makes his arrival!

Sara & Georgios wanted to go back up to the Uppsala castle where we did their post wedding shoot. Who doesn’t love a little before and after? Familiar faces, same location, new baby bump…

DSC_0426DSC_0704_2DSC_0212DSC_0934_2DSC_0201DSC_0898_2 - Version 2DSC_0880_2

And the rest of the highlights from the shoot…DSC_0694_2DSC_0724_2DSC_0747_2DSC_0738_2DSC_0689_2DSC_0908_2DSC_0922_2DSC_0987_2DSC_0066_2DSC_0010_3DSC_0044_2DSC_0090_2

Grandma to be wanted to join in on the fun…DSC_0128_2DSC_0825_2DSC_0834_2DSC_0829_2

So did future aunt and cousin…DSC_0162_2

We even had an unexpected visitor try to photobomb us…DSC_0237_2DSC_0257_2DSC_0286_2


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