Saying Goodbye…

Yesterday I said goodbye to my best friend of 15 and a half years. My dearest, Holden. And it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I struggled with deciding whether to write this blog post at all but in a way it’s therapeutic for me and Holden was my original photo model. Albeit reluctant at first but with the bribe of treats he sat there for as long as it took. Especially when little hyper brother Gatsby arrived and didn’t understand the concept of treat bribery. Posts of Holden (and Gatsby) on my social media pages are among the most liked posts so I figured all his fans out there would want to wish him farewell. And I thought he could at least live on in cyber world.

As difficult as it was I knew I would want to document the last few hours of Holden’s amazing life and capture the moments of the twins saying goodbye, even if they don’t really understand the concept of this particular type of goodbye.

Here are the photos from the last 24 hours of almost 15.5 years.

Every one that met Holden loved him immediately. He was even the catalyst for numerous friends and family of ours getting dogs of their own, one in particular even got a mini dachshund.

In his 15.5 years Holden went on many adventures and lived a charmed life. Many have commented that they would like to come back as Holden in another life.

I bought Holden at a puppy shop (where a close friend had bought her dog) as a college graduation present to myself- At a time when I needed him most.

Because I went to university of Maryland and was a huge basketball fan and because we had just won the national championship a few months earlier, everyone assumed Holden got his name from a basketball player, Tahj Holden. But no, he was named after, none other than Holden Caulfield from my favorite book, Catcher in the Rye. I think it became more clear when Gatsby came along. then everyone thought I was a English lit professor.

After a while Holden and I moved to NYC where he became a proper city dog. Traveling around town in my purse.

Then the time came for another big move, this time across the Atlantic to Sweden. Luckily he was just the right size to fit under the seat in front of Rasmus so he didn’t have to fly cargo.

In sweden Holden became even more spoiled since he and Gatsby didn’t have to stay at home alone during the days anymore. Now he could spend his days in the stockroom and office at the shoe store where the staff gave him many extra treats that he wasn’t supposed to get. He was in heaven.

Holden has kept himself young and fit all these years thanks to forced play with energetic little bro, Gatsby. It wasn’t until the last few months that his true age began to show.

But then another big change came when we brought the twins home 8 months ago-all of a sudden there was an endless buffet on the floor during every meal. Holden figured he’d stick around for just a little bit longer.

Holden has been my sidekick and my support through the best of times and the very worst of times.

My heart is broken.

Here are some photos from the last 15.5 years to remember him by. In no particular order. Most taken by me some taken by others.

DSC_0008 2DSC_0086 3DSC_0090DSC_0770DSC_1019DSCF0121DSCN0164DSCN0299DSCN1162holdy boyIMG_0280IMG_0511IMG_1301pics 007Scan 10Scan 18Scan 54Scan 59Scan 71

Sov gott älskade Holden

October 23, 2002- February 27, 2018

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