Christmas season in Sweden

Christmas truly is a magical time with children. We learned that first hand celebrating so many Christmas related firsts with the twins. Here is a sampling of the Christmas season with the kiddos.

Baking Gingerbread Cookies- The first step in a Swedish Christmas


Decorating the mini Christmas tree…DSC_0416DSC_0433DSC_0437DSC_0446

Little Santas…DSC_0007DSC_0017DSC_0127DSC_0342DSC_0380DSC_0501DSC_0512

Glad Lucia!DSC_0993DSC_1007


Decorating the big Christmas tree… DSC_0788DSC_0785DSC_0818DSC_0804DSC_0888

Lil Julafton

DSC_0934DSC_0958DSC_0033DSC_0909DSC_0089DSC_0888 2DSC_0090

Happy New Year!DSC_0673DSC_0661DSC_0667

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